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Thank you for your interest in writing an article for the American Bankers Association's bimonthly magazine ABA Bank Compliance.

Appropriate Topics

ABA Bank Compliance is the source for timely, authoritative analysis of the ever-changing regulatory environment. The magazine and monthly newsletter cover all the current regulatory issues, such as Privacy and E-Commerce, and perennial compliance focus areas, such as fair lending, the Community Reinvestment Act, risk management, training, technology, OFAC, and the USA PATRIOT Act, among many other issues.


Articles must be issue-oriented. They cannot mention the author's company or any of the company's products or services by name within the text. Articles will be edited and, in some cases, rewritten for clarity, style and brevity. Articles must be new. If the article is based on a previously written article or on a speech, it must be reworked so that it sounds like fresh material. The article cannot be merely a word-for-word transcript of a talk given at industry conferences. The article cannot have been published previously in another banking industry publication. The final headline is determined by the editor.


Our readers represent banks of all asset sizes. View the complete reader profile.

Length of Submissions

Feature articles for ABA Bank Compliance may run between 2,000 and 3,000 words (which is approximately 10 to 15 double-spaced typewritten pages).

Editorial Advisory Board Oversight

Editorial Advisory Board members review queries for appropriateness, approve topics and provide direction to potential authors and review submitted final manuscripts. These industry professionals reserve the right to reject any story; they serve as the eyes and ears of the industry for the editor.

What Contributors Receive

There is no payment for contributed articles. However, the magazine will give the author a byline and publish a brief identification of the author and the company that he or she represents. The identification will appear at the end of the article. The author will receive five copies of the magazine in which the article appears. (It is also possible to purchase bulk reprints. Discounts are available to the authors of articles.)

Author Agreements

Each author will be required to sign a standard author agreement that acknowledges that the material submitted is authentic, and grants ABA the proper permissions to publish such article. The agreement, however, does not change copyright, which is maintained by the author or authors. View a sample Author Agreement. 

Queries/Story Ideas

If you are interested in submitting story ideas for consideration, please e-mail to Laine Crosby a two- to three-paragraph summary or outline of the proposed story. Please allow two months for the review process to take place.

Editorial Deadlines

Once an article querie has been accepted and assigned, all final manuscripts must be submitted at least ten weeks prior to the publication date, unless otherwise agreed upon by the editor.  Here are the deadlines:

Issue Due Dates

IssueDue Date
January/FebruaryNovember 1 (of previous calendar year)
March/AprilJanuary 1
May/JuneMarch 1
July/AugustMay 1
September/OctoberJuly 1
November/DecemberSeptember 1

Manuscript Submissions

Authors must submit manuscripts via e-mail as MS Word attachments to Editor Laine Crosby.

Illustrations and Footnotes

Authors are encouraged to suggest graphic illustrations to accompany articles. Charts, graphs, and checklists should be clean and complete. A professional artist will design these as exhibits, but format and content should be clearly presented.

Footnotes should be kept to an essential minimum are to be listed at the conclusion of a manuscript. Do not imbed them in the text. Footnotes, tables, or appendices also may help readers and should be submitted with the final manuscript.


ABA reserves the right to reject any manuscript submitted for publication whether solicited or not. All first-person references and references to the author's organization, products, or clients may be deleted at the editor's sole discretion. The editor will also edit for brevity and clarity and will edit to fit the publication's editorial style and length requirements. The ABA Bank Compliance style guide is based on Associated Press Stylebook, but also utilizes the The Chicago Manual of Style and Libel Manual.

Please use the active voice and avoid unnecessary jargon. The clearest writing is writing that communicates in the fewest amount of words. Instead of writing The announcement was made by regulators regarding the new rules at a Sept. 21 meeting on Capitol Hill, write Regulators announced new rules at a Sept. 21 meeting on Capitol Hill. Writers should always strive for brevity and clarity. If you need more detail, contact Laine Crosby at ababcmag@gmail.com or call (240) 780-8665.

Author Credits

Authors should provide a brief biographical statement—including current position and contact information—for publication with the article. Photographs do not accompany feature articles.


Unless otherwise agreed upon in writing, ABA Bank Compliance magazine does not pay authors. However, each published author will receive five complimentary copies.

Special Information for Service Providers

We give preference to articles that are written jointly by the service provider and a banker. We also look for articles in which bankers are invited to write a sidebar giving a case study involving their bank. In any case, articles by service providers should be oriented specifically toward the problems and needs of banks or thrifts and should cite specific examples, anecdotes or case studies involving banks or thrifts.

Continuing Education Credit for Certified Regulatory Compliance Managers (CRCM)

ABA Professional Certifications will award continuing education (CE) credit to CRCMs who write articles for ABA Bank Compliance. A total of 5 credits will be awarded for each published article. The maximum credits allowed is one-third of the required credits for a CE cycle. For example, CRCMs who are required to earn 60 credits over a three-year period can earn up to 20 credits for authorship within a cycle. Credits are added automatically to the author’s certification record. CE credit questions should be directed to the ABA Professionals Certifications Team at certifications@aba.com.

Keep Me Informed

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