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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Summit

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Why You Should Attend

Be an Agent of Change

Master the leading practices to mitigate systemic biases that disadvantage marginalized groups.

Get Content that Fits Your Needs

Pick sessions that will nurture your DEI efforts - whether you're looking to explore a new program, engage more fully, or elevate an existing initiative.

Cultivate a Network

Share stories with peers and learn deeper insights from experts.

Support Your Bank’s Bottom Line

A diverse working environment has a positive impact on a company's financial performance.

Be a Bank Known as a “Best Place to Work”

Create a culture that is welcoming and equitable to all, and your bankers will thank you.

It’s a Smart Business Move

Be one of the banks making public commitments to fostering DEI, and then follow through.

Keep Me Informed

Get updates on the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Summit as we develop the program. Contact Naomi Mercer if you have any questions.