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ABA: The American Bankers Association

Our Story

ABA proudly represents institutions of all asset sizes and charter types. These diverse perspectives drive the development of our daily work and policy positions. Take a look at where we've been, and where we're going.

From delivering the latest industry news to developing mission-critical training offerings, we support America's banks as they perform their vital role in energizing the economy and helping communities thrive.

At our core, ABA delivers:

Community of Experts & Peers

As the banking industry’s champion, our members turn to ABA for education, advocacy, tools and insights they need to succeed. ABA’s resources, many of which are free, include online discussion groups, webinars, references and guides, online courses and more. Our staff experts are on call to assist members with a specific issue or answer questions about our products and services. 

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Commitment to Advocacy

ABA believes that government policies should recognize the industry’s diversity and the role of banks as drivers of economic growth and job creation. Laws and regulations should be tailored to correspond to a bank’s charter, business model, local markets and risk profile so banks across America can serve their customers and communities. 

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Legacy of Innovation

ABA has always been at the heart of the innovations that have helped bankers serve their customers—from establishing a committee to promote teaching of economics and banking in public schools to creating the routing number system for the processing of checks. As the banking industry continues its rapid transformation, ABA is committed to making sure banks of all sizes stay on the cutting edge of innovation. We actively support and promote technological advancements that make banking services more efficient, convenient and secure.

Get to Know ABA

  • Explore ABA’s rich history going back to the organization’s founding in 1875.
  • Use our interactive map to see how America’s banks are making a difference in every state—and get state-by-state data on jobs, lending and more.
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  • Find information about ABA’s NASDAQ indices.
  • Get information about CUSIP®, the universally recognized identifier for financial instruments and their issuers.
  • Get information about ISO/IEC7812, the international standard for the 8-digit issuer identification number.
  • Learn how ABA is investing in the future of banking through our investments.
  • Find out how our core values drive everything we do.