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ISO/IEC7812 is an international standard for the 8-digit issuer identification number (IIN - sometimes referred to as a “BIN”). The purpose of this numbering system is to uniquely identify a card-issuing institution in an international interchange or closed environment.

The American Bankers Association has served as the Registration Authority for ISO/IEC 7812 since the inception of the standard in the early 1970’s.

Registration Authority services are provided by our service agent, CUSIP Global Services (CGS). CGS is a world-wide leader in managing security and financial instrument identifiers. A division of FactSet Research Systems, Inc., CGS anticipates bringing improved operational efficiencies to the Registration Authority services.

Applications for an IIN and for becoming an authorized block holder

The standard allows for one IIN per legal entity. All applicants must be sponsored by their country’s national standards body in order to apply for an IIN. Applicants who wish to become an authorized block holder must also first contact their sponsoring authority. Applications for block holder status must be approved by the Registration Management Group of ISO/IEC 7812. The approval process can take up to eight weeks.

For US commercial banks, applications for IINs can be submitted directly to CUSIP Global Services. Please direct all inquiries to CGS at ISO7812RegAuth@cusip.com.

For US credit unions, applications for IINs can be submitted directly to Credit Union National Association. Please direct all inquiries to CUNA at mgibson@cuna.coop.

A listing of the sponsoring authorities can be found on the ISO's Members page. Not all countries have an active sponsoring authority. If your country does not, please contact UK Payments, who will sponsor the application, at Standards-Card-Identifiers@wearepay.uk.

All other inquiries regarding ISO/IEC7812 should be directed to CUSIP Global Services.

To obtain copies of ISO/IEC7812 Parts 1 & 2, please visit the American National Standards Institute online store.

Contact CGS

CUSIP Global Services
(operated by FactSet Research Systems, Inc.)
45 Glover Avenue
Norwalk, CT 06850
E-mail: ISO7812RegAuth@cusip.com