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What We Stand For: Banking Innovation

Like-kind regulation for like-kind activity

Policymakers can help maintain a nimble and competitive financial services sector by applying like-kind regulation to like-kind activity and by eliminating regulatory inefficiencies, which disproportionately affect small banks and contribute to industry consolidation and homogenization. The way that financial products and services are provided to consumers—and the landscape of entities that provide them—has evolved significantly over the last several years. 

Equivalent regulation, oversight and consumer protections across all financial service providers ensure customers have access to the banking services they need, and financial services providers are held to equal standards of consumer protection.

What We’re Working On

  • Bringing stablecoins inside the banking regulatory perimeter and requiring equivalent capital, liquidity and consumer protection standards across all stablecoin providers.
  • Extending supervisory authority over nonbank small business lenders and urging the CFPB to streamline its small business lending data collection and reporting rule.
  • Applying the Community Reinvestment Act to nonbank lenders and urging the banking regulators to simplify their CRA modernization proposal.
  • Removing obstacles to the formation of new banks—ABA encourages de novo activity and supports the efforts of federal and state regulators to promote bank charter applications.
  • Strengthening bank-core provider relationships—ABA helps member banks improve their relationships with core platform providers and promotes core innovation as a policy imperative to ensure community and midsize banks have the tools they need to innovate.
  • Streamlining the role of banks in combating financial crimes—ABA has long supported efforts to fight against financial crime, money laundering and terrorist financing, including modernizing Bank Secrecy Act/anti-money laundering requirements and procedures.
  • Supporting a dynamic, secure payments system  – with consistent application of high regulatory and supervisory standards across every endpoint.
  • Safeguarding sensitive customer information through data privacy requirements.

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